Mission Statement:

The basic purpose of Unilink Inc is to provide cost competitive, high quality software services and solutions to meet the growing demand for specialized consulting services in the Internet and Client Server computing business, striving for the balance between providing satisfactory consulting services and earning optimum long run profit.

Areas of expertise:

Java Programming
Software Quality Engineering and Test automation
Client Server programming using Oracle, Informix, Powerbuilder, Visual basic
Internet programming using HTML, Perl, CGI, JavaScript, Java Servlets
Migration of Legacy applications to Web based applications.

Vision of Quality and Customer Satisfaction:

To achieve high quality of services and exceed in customer satisfaction:

We continuously improve our services and technical skills.
We institute vigorous program of education and self-improvement.
We seek timely feedback from customers and immediately act on it.
We respond to customer calls within 24 hours.
We constantly work on improving our organizational processes in order to reduce costs and provide better value for our customers.
We align our acts with the objectives of our customers to help them become successful in timely delivery of quality software products.
We reach out for change, refinement and even revolution in our pursuit of quality excellence.

We are different:

In an attempt to achieve higher customer satisfaction:

We provide HIGH QUALITY services with LOWER COSTS.
We work like employees of the customers, WE DO NOT CHARGE OVERTIME for work done beyond forty hours per week. *
We guarantee our services. NO CHARGE UP TO ONE MONTH if the customer is not fully satisfied.
We offer FREE EVALUATION of the projects.

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